1. Maintain the unity and sovereignty of the nation, and strive for the enshrinement of the rule of law in Ethiopia.
  2. The replacement of the TPLF dictatorial regime by a peoples' government.
  3. The establishment of a federal democratic Ethiopia free from tribalism, and favoritism, and to be brought about by free and fair elections.
  4. The practice and protection of freedom of thought and assembly
  5. Maintaining our values: perseverance, commitment, honesty, ethical and moral life, and love of country.
  6. Making creative use of our resources and the peoples' resources to bring about meaningful change in our country.
  7. Practice accountability and transparency amongst ourselves, our various structures, and with the people on whose behalf we are struggling.
  8. Strive to get the peoples' full support.
  9. Taking into account the peoples' feelings and wishes in our decision making.
  10. Restoring the intellectual tradition of our people by coordinating research, special studies, conferences, etc.