ሳይቃጠል በቅጠል!

ሳይቃጠል በቅጠል!

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Latest Human Rights Reports

HRW Report on Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia

26 March, 2014

HRW Report on Telecom and In…

  "They Know Everything We DO" The 137 page report details the technolo...

US Bureau of Democracy and  Human Rights - Annual report 2013 on Ethiopia

14 March, 2014

US Bureau of Democracy and …

.....human rights problems included arbitrary killings; allegations of torture...

HRW 2013 report

13 January, 2014

HRW 2013 report

The sudden death in August 2012 of Ethiopia’s long-serving and powerful prime ...

Amnesty Annual Report 2013

02 December, 2013

Amnesty Annual Report 2013

The state stifled freedom of expression, severely restricting the activities of ...